Rich functions, electronic workflows & customized solutions for team and enterprise

Finance Management

10+ modules with customized workflows for Purchase requests, Budget approval, Expense claims, Incomes & Payouts tracing, etc. It is available to integrate with SAP.

Human Resource Management

12+ modules with customized workflows for Employee files, Recruitment & Transfer, Business Travel, Training & Welfare, Performance assessment, etc.

Administrative Management

7+ modules with customized workflows for Meeting-rooms reservation, Vehicles management, Assets & Supplies, Licenses & Seals, Administrative affairs, etc.

Supply Chain Management

15+ modules with customized workflows for maintenance of Customers, Suppliers and Materials, for business of Sales, Purchases and Stocks, etc.

Information Center

8+ modules for Address book, Messages, Bulletins and Forums, especially for Documents Lifecycle Management with customized workflows, etc.

Goals Management

6+ modules with customized workflows for Plans approval, Tasks execution, Reports weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly, Daily schedules, etc.

Project Management

12+ modules with customized workflows for Project approval, Members assigning, Tasks breakdown, Workload & Expense statistics, Documents archiving, etc.

System Management

6+ modules for Organization management, Roles management, Users management, Rights management, Online users, System log, etc.

More customized solutions

Customize your workflows and build your modules, including but not limited to Contracts approval, Sales commission, Manufacture process, Logistics trace, etc.

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