Online demo for PC, Pad and Mobile Phone, with 70+ modules & 50+ workflows

Demo for PC

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Demo for Pad

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Demo for Mobile

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70+ modules and rich functions

Goals Management

Plans • Tasks • Reports • Schedules

Information Center

Messages • Bulletins • Documents • Forums

Supply Chain

Materials • Sales • Purchases • Stocks


Vehicles • Assets • Supplies • Licenses

Human Resource

Employees • Staffing & Welfare • Attendance

Financial Center

Expenses • Billings • Incomes • Payouts

50+ workflows embedded & extensible

Work Plan Review
Work Task Arrangement

News & Bulletin Publish
Documents Archiving

Sales Order Approval
Purchase Order Approval

Assets Borrow Application
Assets Purchase Application

Employee Recruit/Transfer
Travelling Application

Travel Expense Claim
Payment Application

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Access anywhere anytime by Mobile

Internet Browser

Colloa may be accessed anywhere anytime by internet browser on PC, Pad or Mobile Phone.

Colloa App

Colloa App are available on both iPhone and Android Phone, with 18+ modules and 50+ workflows, for better operation experience and immediate notification.

Friendly user interface & experience


Full paper-simulated interface for users to read easily, understand clearly and focus on business data.

High performance

Compiled by C++ language, Colloa brings out high performance on business logic, as well as rapid response on user operations.

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