Customize & launch your electronic workflows, full web-based and mobile-enabled

While analyzing business process in your team or enterprise, hundreds of electronic workflows may be customized and launched quickly by Colloa, including followings but not limited to.
Employee Recruit
Employee Formalization
Leaving office Application
Travelling Application
Vocation Application
(more for Human Resource)
Travel Expense Claim
General Expense Claim
Payment Application
Invoice Application
Fund Transfer Application
(more for Finance)

News & Bulletin Publish
Meeting Room Appointment
Assets Borrow Application
Assets Repair Application
Assets Purchase Application
(more for Administration)
Business Contract Review
Sales Order Approval
Purchase Order Approval
Order Change Approval
Storage Transfer Application
(more for Supply Chain)

Business Project Review
Project Planning Approval
Project Progress Review
Project Change Approval
Project Evaluation
(more for Project)

Efficient business process modeling

Visual Form Designer

For each electronic workflow, Colloa provides Visual Form Designer to create its electronic form, then draw layout, insert fields, set field types and validations, etc.

Visual Flow Designer

For each electronic workflow, Colloa provides Visual Flow Designer to create its business flow, then draw layout, specify responsible person and his access right on form fields, set transfer path with rules, etc.

Simulation Tester

For each electronic workflow, Colloa provides Simulation Tester to fast launch its instances, simulate different scenes and check workflow validation.

Global business process automation

Workflow Online

After simulation tested and validation checked, a workflow is deployed online for web accessing. So employees may start lots of workflow instances, fill electronic forms then submit to next.

Global Collaboration

Next responsible persons may retrieve forms in time, continue processing then forward to next another. According to predefined workflows, Colloa helps employees collaborating smoothly, anywhere and anytime.

Workflow Engine

With high-performance of Workflow Engine, Colloa makes massive calculation of workflows every day, dispatches thousands of electronic forms among responsible persons, and records all of their activities, comments and time-delays.

Immediate tracing and reporting

Workflow Tracing

For each user, Colloa provides 3 queues to list forms of processing, processed and sent. For each form, Colloa shows its immediate status, business data and processing history.

Workflow Notifying

According to predefined workflows, Colloa may send notification to next responsible persons automatically by internet email, mobile short message or Colloa App.

Automatic Reporting

While workflow instances running, Colloa may retrieve business data or scan processing history from thousands of electronic forms, then generate kinds of statistical reports and charts automatically.

More for your business process

Mobile Enabled

Colloa is easily accessed by internet browser on PC, pad or mobile phone. And Colloa App are available on both iPhone and Android, for better operation experience and immediate notification.

System Integration

Through open protocols of Web Service, LDAP, RDBMS, etc, Colloa may smoothly integrate with other software systems such as ERP, CRM, or PLM, to retrieve business data from or save into.


To support your global business, Colloa is easily customized for multiple languages, multiple currencies, as well as compliance requirements of different countries.

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