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Global Expense Claim & Control System

Background : The problems faced by Beko are the difficulty of office collaboration, expense claims and finance management in different places.

Achievement : Through the powerful Colloa platform, we help Beko (multi-branch) build a global expense claim & control system that responds in time, with traceability and statistical analysis. The system supports multi-language, multi-exchange rate, multi-time zone collaborative management, and exchange business data with SAP system.

Offering innovative and cost-effective packaging solutions

Flowed-documents Management System

Background : The problems faced by Tri-Wall are slow offsite response, workflows that cannot be customized, and data that cannot be statistically analyzed.

Achievement : Tri-Wall conducted the third teamwork selection, finally chose Colloa platform and knowledge document management solution. We help Tri-Wall build a new generation of “process-oriented documents” as the core and “cross-regional synergy” as the target FDM (Flowed-documents management) system.

Providing quality logistics solutions for global customers

Business Process Management System

Background : After years of business operation and the development of the company, Yusen Logistics requires more and more detailed business process and overall informationization.

Achievement : Yusen use the Colloa platform to provide faster and more visual process customization tools, enabling electronic and streamlined proposals. At the same time, it supports large-scale user access, full English interface and has built-in office system. Also, it achieves SAP system integration and data synchronization.

Leading vertically integrated manufacturer of photovoltaic products

Documents Integration & Collaboration System

Background : With the development of business globalization, the problems faced by LDK Solar are the difficulty of customer, project and document to be synchronized across countries.

Achievement : Based on Colloa platform, LDK successfully built a documents integration & collaboration system. More than 70 supervisors and employees of the CTO, CIO, Technology Center, and IT departments took the lead, gradually expanded to other departments, with a total of more than 200 online users.

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