Focus on management consulting, software research and project engineering


Binary Software Co., Ltd. is established in 2007 by several IT specialists, who have focused on management consulting, software research and project engineering for over than 10 years, and have successfully developed large-scale software in the fields of finance, telecommunications, etc.

For many years, the company has been known for "supporting comprehensive collaborative operation" and "meeting key business processes", becomes the next generation of leading operational management software and solution providers.

For more than ten years of continuous technology research and development, Binary Software Co., Ltd. has made a number of innovations and practices in the field of operations management, and thus established a solid position in the industry leading technology and excellent products --

  • Business process simulation: quickly and accurately build an electronic business process system for you;
  • Dynamic form technology: bring you a sophisticated interface experience, flat paper type can print directly;
  • High performance with C++: bring a smooth interface experience and save on hardware configuration costs;
  • Multiple devices & browsers supporting: user may access IT system anywhere anytime;
  • Modern interface design: help employees focusing on the business and the work itself;
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Our Mission

Better work, better life

Our Vision

Collaborating anywhere anytime

Business Pursuit

Cooperating for best

Core Competitiveness

Innovative technology & high-quality products

Binary Software Co., Ltd.

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