Collaborating smoothly by electronic workflows, team working anywhere anytime

Customize your electronic workflows

While analyzing business process in your team or enterprise, hundreds of electronic workflows may be customized and launched quickly by Colloa, such as Travel Expense Claim, Purchase Order Approval, Business Project Review, etc.

Automate your business process

With high-performance of Workflow Engine, Colloa will trace electronic workflows running through all steps, send notification to users automatically, integrate with SAP or other systems, normalize and accelerate your business process.

Access anywhere anytime by Mobile

Colloa may be accessed anywhere anytime by internet browser on PC, Pad or Mobile Phone. And Colloa App are available on both iPhone and Android Phone, for better operation experience and immediate notification.

Customized & extensible solutions

Customize your electronic workflows and build your business modules by Colloa, such as Finance Management, Human Resource Management, Documents Management, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, etc.

Typical customers and cases

Colloa helped thousands of employees in BEKO for global expense claim & control, in Tri-wall for documents lifecycle management, in Yusen Logistics for business process management, in LDK Solar for teamwork & collaboration.

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